Ecotourism, a natural choice

Located in Bagnols les Bains, in the heart of Lozère, the least populated department in France, the Chemins Francis are above all a family structure. Since 1933, our company has been able to develop its activities around three keystones: the welcome, the conviviality and the discovery of the ” country “. Having become over time a leading economic player in the upper Lot river Valley, we are naturally concerned by sustainable development issues.


In our own way, we participate in local dynamics by maintaining and developing an economic activity and jobs in rural areas. Being also mountain guides, we love our country, and we thrive to make you discover this unique and preserved territory, its fauna, flora, history, and life…

The Chemins Francis pledges

By signing the European Sustainable Tourism Charter in the protected areas, the Chemins Francis are engaged in a process of permanent improvement to minimize their impact on the environment. On a daily basis, this translates into various actions.


Encourage guests to come by train (even if it’s long!), and provide for a free shuttle between their arrival station and the hotel. The structure also sets up collective shuttles to access the departures of the proposed hikes, thereby minimizing CO2 emissions2 ;

Environmental education

During our daily hikes, as mountain guides, the Chemins Francis raise awareness among the hikers about the environment they cross by choosing a sensitive approach to the landscape, fauna, flora, geology and history of the region.

Waste management

Waste management is operated by sorting (glass, paper, cardboard, canned food, plastic bricks, plastic bottles) or by recycling (food leftovers and bread given to dogs and horses); altogether with an economical management of paper, and the use of recycled paper in communication media; for the constitution of the picnic the structure has considerably reduced the packaging and removed all disposables. The dishes, cups and cutlery are made of steel, aluminum or washable plastic, and the bags are made of corn starch

Water and Energy

The Chemins Francis are working to reduce their water consumption (in particular by setting up flow reducers, dual flow flushes, etc.); the structure also wants to significantly reduce its energy consumption by installing low energy light bulbs throughout its premises.

Food and suppliers

For the creation of picnics and meals of the restaurant, the Chemins Francis do their utmost (even if it is not always possible) to offer customers fresh, seasonal products and / or from local productions or neighboring departments (suppliers: Huit à Huit of Le Bleymard, bakery of Bagnols-les-Bains, Lozere Meat, fish farm of Langlade, Arnal cheese dairy, …). In season, salads and beans come directly from the gardens of Chemins Francis, grown organically in the Oultet valley.

Goals currently under study

Reinforce the isolation of Moreau** and its landscape integration, create two rooms to accommodate disabled customers, opt for a more ecological heating mode of the main building and swimming pool the hotel (currently supplied with electricity and gas)